About Me

A year off – what to do?

A blog is needed! But about what? I’ve always been a traveler, found it fascinating to meet new people from all around the globe and get an insight on how they live their lives. It all started many years ago: Back then, when I was 20 and packed my backpack to leave Germany for half a year. Eventually I only came back four years later. And no, this wanderlust doesn’t just disappear. It kind of never goes away. No matter how much one has visited.

I’ve always been more interested in getting to know locals

… and experiencing the energy of the place than just seeing places and doing a check on the bucket list. That is why I usually travel superslow. I like to stay in a place for a while to dive deep into it.

China remote village
Here in a remote village somewhere in China. This lovely old man invites us into his house for a cup of tea. We don’t speak the same language but somehow we ‘talk’ about a lot of interesting stuff.

But this time something did change.

I wanted to travel light and free: To have the freedom to go to places where the usual tourist has a hard time getting. So…In addition to my small backpack, which only has the size of a hand luggage, my bike joins the travel. A small folding bicycle – a Brompton.

headwind causeway, traveling by bike, bike travel, world bike travel, cuba by bike
A little break on a 40 km long causeway in the middle of the sea. The heaviest headwind of my life was worth it: We got rewarded with the most beautiful deserted Caribbean beach – ever 🙂

And in this way of traveling I have met so many wonderful people who all have a story to tell. And that is why I decided to tell their story.

Oh yeah…and I like to eat.

Almost forgot about that one :). Besides food connects – and cooking together connects even more!

recipe, cooking with friends, sancocho recipe, recipes from around the globe
Sancocho soup, cooked at the beach house on the Pacific coast in Panama with Sujin and Jorge.

So this blog is basically about my friends all over the world. I like to share with you their favorite recipes and some tips about the place they live in and tell you what amazing human beings they are.

So a big thanks to you for reading my blog!

And to all my friends out there: Thanks for sharing your kitchen and your story with me!