My recipe from Buenos Aires: ‘Empanada Gallega’ easy and delicious

A recipe from Argentina … Well, you probably think of a juicy steak now! But the country of Italian and Spanish immigrants has a lot more to offer. Today I am with my buddy Alejandro. He cooks for me in his small kitchen in Palermo, right in the melting pot of Buenos Aires. His favorite dish, the Empanada Gallega is quickly prepared and tastes fantastic. But see for yourself! The recipe can be found below!

Empanada gallega recipe,
Alejandro – today while preparing the Empanada in his kitchen in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

You’ve probably already asked yourself where do I know all these people from. Alejandro (Ale) and I have known each other for over a decade since our crazy time in Barcelona. We met in 2002 in a bar in BCN watching the “El Classico” (Real Madrid against Barcelona).

Alejandro in Barcelona, cooking recipe, empanada galllega, rastaman
Barcelona 2002: Alejandro was still hitting the road with long hair as a juggler and life artist.

The evening ended with a defeat for Barca and the beginning of a funny friendship. In recent years, Ale visited me in Tel Aviv and in Munich. And now I  finally come by to visit him in Buenos Aires. A city that has a lot to offer. Check it out on my blog post 10 insider tips for Buenos Aires. Alejandros small apartment is full of books, many of them written by Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most famous writers of Buenos Aires. Ale himself is also a writer. He translates books and writes articles for some Argentine magazines.

Groundhopper Alejandro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, travel
At the moment he is pursuing his passion as a “Groundhopper” and travels from stadium to stadium. He expresses his impressions in a series of articles about football in South America.

This Empanada Gallega is a tasty filled cake, similar to a french quiche. And thus quite different from the small empanadas, which are found at roadside stalls in Argentina and other Latin American countries. Originally it descends from north of Spain. Gallegos, the Spaniards from the region of Galicia brought that dish to Argentina. Besides many Italian immigrants also many Spaniards came to the South American continent during Franco times, escaping the military service .

Empanada, Recipe Empanada, Recipe Mexican, Mexican Food, Foodporn
Empanadas – the small and quite different version is available throughout Latin America. Here in Mexico at a roadside stand.

Since I have to fly to Rio today, time is short and we better get started. The ingredients that we buy this time you could probably find without any problems in Supermarkets at home.

Empanada, kitchen, recipe, dough, filling, Buenos Aires, Argentina, delicious, recipe

Ingredients (for about 4 people) for the Empanada Gallega:

For the dough

  • 450 grams of flour
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 75 vegetable fat (e. g. palmin)
  • 200-250 ml lukewarm milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt

For the filling

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • mackerel or tuna out of the can
  • 2 eggs

Preparation of the Empanada Gallega:

The dough

The dough is quite simple: Mix the flour with the egg yolk, the lukewarm milk, the vegetable oil and a tsp of salt and knead it. (It is easier if you warm the vegetable oil before.)

Wrap the dough in a foil and place it in the refrigerator for about an hour.

If you are too lazy to make the dough yourself, you can buy the dough in Argentinian Supermarkets (Masa de Tarta). You’ll have to check if there is something similar available in your home country.

The filling

cutting vegetables, cooking empanada, recipe empanada, international recipes, international cuisine, argentina
Cut the peppers and onions into small pieces and fry them in hot oil, while stirring occasionally.

Season it with salt and pepper and fry on low heat.

Eggs cooking, empanada gallega, argentina recipe, cuisine international
Meanwhile Alejandro cuts the tomatoes and cooks the eggs.
Makrele, tuna, cook fish, empanada recipe, buenos aires recipe
The mackerel must be freed from the bones. Alternatively you could also use tuna, which doesn’t have bones.
pan, fry vegetables, empanada cooking, empanada recipe, buenos aires recipe
Once the onions are translucent, you can add tomatoes and the mackerel and stir them.
Alejandro’s Tip: When frying the tomatoes, make sure that you put the tomatoes without any of the sauce, that builds up during cutting. Otherwise the filling is too watery.
eggs, cutting eggs, empanada recipe, buenos aires recipe
Peel the boiled eggs, cut them into small pieces and add them to the pan. Stir again. Now you should preheat the oven – 200 ° C.

And finally

I’ll just have a look into the fridge: The dough is now well cooled. Alejandro divides it into two halves (pot and lid of the Empanada). The two halves have to be rolled out circular on the floured surface. The dough should be 3 to 4 millimeters thick.

empanada, dough empanada, recipe empanada
Put enough oil into the casserole and place the first round part in it so that it overlaps.
pouring vegetables empanada, empanada recipe, empanada gallega
Pour the filling and close it with the cover part of the dough. Close it well at the edge and roll it a bit.
empanada, recipe buenos aires, argentina, empanada gallega, recipe
Alejandro’s special tip for a nice finish after baking: He spreads 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise on the cover and sprinkles 1 tablespoon of sugar on it.
Empanada gallega, oven, recipe, empanada recipe,
Before putting it into the oven, make a few wholes into the dough with a spoon. (To prevent it from bursting.)

empanada gallega, empanada recipe, argentinian food, recipe buenos aires
Hmm … fresh from the oven – now I’m getting hungry! Our empanada was ready after only 20 minutes. Basically: The cover should be slightly brown, then it is ready.

empanada gallega, empanada gallega recipe, recipe argentina, international recipe
This Empanada Gallega tastes so delicious and was super easy to prepare. It goes well with barbecue sauce or Ajoli.
empanada recipe, cooking empanada, recipe, cooking with friends
We enjoy the tasty food in the sun on Alejandro’s balcony – overlooking Palermo.

Disfrutad de su comida (span. ‘Enjoy your meal’) and muchas gracias (span. ‘Thank you’) Alejandro.

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